What is, “Holistic Tarot”?

What is Holistic Tarot?


Like everything Metaphysical, there are many methods, interpretations, belief systems, and ways in which people use and teach about The Tarot.

In the case of “Holistic Tarot”, a Tarot card deck (*you could also use a traditional playing card deck) is the “tool”, or “instrument” that is used within a type of client session that is very similar in nature to a Holistic Life Coaching session, in my view. Within the field of Holistic Tarot, CHTR (Certified Holistic Tarot Reading) Practitioner Students are trained to use a Tarot Deck as a tool for expanding their self-awareness, consciousness and a way to receive opportunities for inner guidance and introspection, in order to self-heal, self-improve and make healthy and positive life decisions. Once a student has learned how to successfully use Tarot Cards for their own holistic self-care and as a map for their own personal growth and inner exploration, they are then in a great position to be able to teach and guide clients, so they can also learn how to do the same!

Holistic Tarot is a journey into The Self and is a personal development and an empowering self-healing modality that we can use every day, in order to live our best life, with mindfulness, understanding, intention, and peace of mind!


*Please visit the Holistic Tarot posts that follow, so you can learn how to successfully use The Tarot as a simple tool for your daily spiritual practice and holistic self-care routine! 

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