What is a Chakra?

Hello, Beauties!! Let’s dive into all of this yummy info on The Chakra System!

Now, when I say the word “chakra” to people who are unfamiliar with the term or have some preconceived skepticism of energy healing, I often receive a glazed over, wide eyed look… Tehe! Don’t worry Pretties! Understanding the chakras is a very important step, once we begin to work on improving ourselves, our energy and our lives, and they play a key part in our overall health, but they are also much more simple and practical than many people typically make them out to be.

Firstly, everything is energy, and the chakras can be explained as energetic wheels (which are approximately the size of your open palm or closed fist) that are a part of your Energetic Anatomy, along with your Aura, or “Etheric Body”. The 7 main chakras used in the Western Chakra Model (this is the model I use and teach with) are believed to be aligned with the body from the base of the spine, up to the top of the skull, along your central channel, as shown in the diagram below…

These wheels of energy (*each governing one main area of our human life) has a color and job. Their job is to bring in energy from our outside environment. This energy is sucked into the chakra at the front of our body, processed (similar to the way that our physical body takes in and processes food), and is then pushed further down our central channel and is carried throughout our body and used (via the meridian system which is another part of our energetic anatomy, which a bit like an energetic version of the bloodstream), delivering important energy and information. When this energy is no longer needed, it is pushed out as energetic waste, either through the back of the chakra which exists the back of our body, our out through the bottoms of our feet.

Simply put, picture each chakra circle on the diagram above as a drain pipe. Energy flows in through the front of us, in a circular clockwise motion, similar to how a drain looks when you are draining a sink or bath tub. This cyclone of energy moves through us, and exits out the back of us, through this energetic drain pipe (aka, the back of the chakra). Typically, that is the simple energetic flow and direction of a healthy “open” and spinning chakra.

So this topic of the chakras can get complicated, and since their existence is not backed with concrete evidence, (remember these topics are Metaphysical in nature) I’m not going to push my opinion of their actual physical energetic existence or non-existence on you. *Please read up on the subject and come to your own conclusions. But, for the reason that they are “beyond science”, and people do have differing opinions on the chakras, I have developed a way to use the idea of the chakra system as a sort of “check list” for you to walk yourself through, step by step and assess your own personal health. I call this 7 chakra system, our “Roadmap to Wellness”, which will act as the foundation of all you learn on this site, and even through out my advanced courses if you choose to further your studies, down the road!

When we use the idea of the chakra system as a roadmap to wellness, the proof of their physical existence really doesn’t matter. In essence, it becomes more of a visual, personal development and self-awareness tool… What’s important here is to be able to look at these 7 different chakras (or areas of your life, which I will explain later in additional posts), and be able to recognize when these areas feel healthy and happy, vs. when they feel “off” and in need of more health and balance. More on this to come, in the next post!

More on this to come, in my next post!

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