What are Healing Crystals?

What are Healing Crystals?

Healing Crystals are simply pieces of crystal or stone that are found in nature. For metaphysical and vibrational healing purposes, these crystals and stones are taken from the earth and used for their unique metaphysical and vibrational properties during crystal healing sessions, meditation, or as pieces to use within your environment, in order to improve the energy of a space. They are natural energy transmuters and amplifiers, and their perfect geometric crystalline structure makes them amazing tools for helping to “tune” the vibrations of our chakras. They also help us to calm and focus the mind, energize the body and balance our mood and emotions.

They are natural energy transmuters and amplifiers, and their perfect geometric crystalline structures make them amazing tools for helping to “tune” the vibrations of our chakras, which you have learned from past posts, are part of your energetic anatomy. Healing Crystals also help us to calm and focus the mind and help us to attract more of the energy that we want in our lives. Quartz in particular acts as a natural “storage devise” and energetic amplifier and can be used to amplify energies, such as our thought energy. This makes quartz a great healing crystal option for working with the Universal Law of Attraction! Now, this is all WAY advanced stuff, and I go over all of this in more details in my Vibrational Crystal Healing CCH Course, but I hope this at least gives you an idea of what healing crystals are and how they are commonly used, within energy healing and metaphysical self-healing and self-care practices.


Where can you buy healing crystals?

There are many local Metaphysical Shops that carry healing crystals, but if you don’t have a store local to you, there are plenty of online options as well!

I personally purchase all of my small tumbled stones from: www.healingcrystals.com

*If you do purchase from Healing Crystals, I would recommend selecting only stones that are labeled as “grade A” or “extra” quality, and sizes large – extra large, as they do run small. 

For larger crystal pieces such as chunks, clusters, generators, etc., I go through independent sellers on www.Etsy.com *Search for the type of crystal you are looking for, and many pieces will show up under the search results. Happy crystal shopping!

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