What is Vibrational Crystal Healing?

What is Vibrational Crystal Healing?

In my view, Vibration Crystal Healing is a spiritually centered, and very practical holistic healing modality that utilizes the subtle energetic vibrations of Healing Crystals, based on how they interact with the human energy field, as well as the energies of a person’s (a Self-Healer’s or a Client’s) intentions, mood, emotions and the energetic Laws of The Universe (such as manifestation and The Law of Attraction).

Crystal Healing is most commonly centered around the goals of chakra balancing and it incorporates many different types of vibrational tools (for the purpose of chakra balancing and much more), which you can learn how combine and to use together, in order to amplify your tool’s effectiveness and to develop a well-rounded and personalized self-care routine for yourself and for your friends and family! Yay! 

These types of vibrational tools may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • healing crystals
  • essential oils
  • color therapy
  • sound healing
  • intuition
  • personal and spiritual development
  • visualization
  • pendulum work
  • crystal grids
  • gem elixirs
  • and Holistic Coaching, if you choose to work with a trained CCH (Certified Crystal Healing) Practitioner 

If you are being called to learn more about healing crystals and how they can help you achieve more joy, energy, and balance in your life, I highly recommend that you dive into the next group of blog posts that follow, so that you can learn more about the multiple facets of Vibrational Crystal Healing, and what makes it such a creative, simple, and effective energy healing modality, that is appropriate for daily use!

The following posts will help you explore a variety of Vibrational Crystal Healing tools, methods, and philosophies, so that you can truly make your holistic self-care and sparkly self-healing practice, your own! Enjoy! 

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