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Here is a list of all of the personal and business use courses that I offer,

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Holistic Healing + Holistic Life Coaching Specialty Courses:

(*for Personal or Business Use)

* Journey to Self-Healing and Self Discovery

* Vibrational Crystal Healing (CCH)

* Holistic Tarot Reading (CHTR)

*Life Code Aromatherapy™ (CLCA)

Soul Centered Business + Doterra Leadership Training:

* B.U. 5 Day Fast Start

* B.U. 21 Day Smart Start Foundations Training

(Includes a BONUS Aromatherapy 101 Course!)

* B.U. Diamonds Leadership Training (for Team Leaders)

I am 100% committed to your joy, personal growth + success,

which is why I have dedicated and invested so much time and effort

into creating these resources and team opportunity for you!

I’m ready to see you fly!


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