Smudging 101 

How to Clear Negative or Stagnant Energy with Sage Smoke or with an Energetically Purifying Essential Oil Spray:

What is “Smudging”?

Sage smoke or a using an energetically purifying essential oil clearing spray are both excellent ways to “smudge” your home, your aura, and even objects like jewelry pieces, cars, furniture and healing crystals! 

Smudging is a process that you can do to remove negative or stagnant energy from your home, space, energetic field, and from items like your car, furniture, clothing, rugs, tarot cards, crystals, etc. 

Negative energy is “sticky” and it tends clings to just about everything… Cutting down on your clutter is a HUGE help in keeping your space airy, free of negativity and full of positive vibes, so I would encourage you to de-clutter and tidy up, prior to beginning a smudging routine.

Basic Materials Needed for Smudging:

  1. a smudging shell or a ceramic or glass bowl
  2. a white sage smudging stick
  3. a large feather or a magazine/newspaper that you can use as a gentle fan
  4. a strong and positive intention
  5. water to put out the smoking smudge stick

*If you are using a clearing spray, you will only need your spray and a feather/fan.

Steps for Successful Smudging:

  1.  IMPORTANT: You must OPEN a window (1 at least) to provide an exit for the trapped negative energy. If you do not open a window, the energy will just bounce around your space and your smudging efforts will be ineffective.
  2. Light your smudge stick with a match or lighter and let it burn for about 30 seconds, then blow it out. This will allow it to catch, and continue to smoke, similar to a stick of incense.
  3. Gently lay the stick (smoking end down) into your shell or bowl, and hold your bowl with your non-dominant hand.
  4. With your dominant hand, hold your feather/fan and begin to “fluff” the smoke in and out of each room, closet and small space of your home (and be sure to include the attick and basement). While you fluff the smoke around your space, make sure to keep the strong and positive intention of clearing your space of any negative or stagnant energy that may be present, and allow only positive, loving and light-filled energy back into your space. You will want to do this in each of the corners of every room, as well as in and around each doorway, both front and back of each door frame. Take one room at a time, then the next doorway, then the next room/hallway/doorway, etc. In other words, don’t jump around from room to room in a random order. Move in a way that flows, like a wave through your space. If you are clearing your entire home, be sure to do this in every room, thoroughly. I do this about once a month, or as often as I feel it is needed. If the energy of your space (or your mood) feels heavy or dark, you know it is time to smudge again! 
  5. Once you feel that you have covered every area of your home, both with your smoke and strong intention to clear and cleanse, you can then dip the end of your smudge stick into a glass of water or under running water to put out the smoke. Lay it back into your shell or bowl and let it dry out for your next use.

*Please note that sage smoke (especially white sage) can smell quite strong and it can be unpleasant. If you don’t like the smell of sage, want to avoid the smoke, or don’t want your home or clothing to smell like it, I have a clearing spray recipe that uses essential oils which smells AMAZING), and it works wonderfully as a smoke-free smudge alternative! I will share the recipe below, as well as a smudge alternative essential oil diffuser blend that you will LOVE! 

A Sparkly Tip, for Keeping Vibes High:

Once the energy of your space is clean and clear, adding crystals to your home is an AMAZING way to keep the vibes of your space positive and purified!

My favorite crystals to have for this purpose are:

  • Amethyst
  • Smoky Quartz 
  • Selenite 

The crystal listed above work beautifully as sparkly little “filters” for negativity!

Some people say these crystals are self-cleaning, and they don’t need to be cleared, because negative energy doesn’t stick to them, nor does it get stored within them. I say that whether to clear/smudge them or not, is a personal preference. I personally love to give my space crystals (the crystals that I use to keep the energies in my home clear) a nice moon bath, when there is a full moon! To me, this is just a nice way to care for them, reenergize them, purify them, and give them some gratitude. Please be open to your intuition guiding you, when it comes to your own crystal care! 

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