The Metaphysical Properties of Essential Oils

What is meant by an Essential Oil’s “Metaphysical Property”?

My biggest passions, when it comes to Holistic self-healing and alternative self-care, lie within the study of Metaphysics, and Metaphysical Healing practices.

“Metaphysical”, simply means, beyond the physical, which can also mean, beyond science. To me, Metaphysical Science is a mix of what could possibly be science, one day, but it leaves room for the Spiritual experiences, which in my view, are valid and true, but in ways that are based on personal experience, not measurement and data. 

The better known and practiced use of essential oils today, is very much in alignment with cellular support and using them as a tool to support the physical body and emotions. With this being said, there is a lot more to life than only what we see, and our physical experience, in my view. Now, if you believe in the existence of unseen Spirit, synchronicity, energy healing, and unseen energies that are Spiritual in Nature, rather than Scientific (such as but not limited to; Spirit Guides, Your Higher Self, God, The Universe (as a Spiritual Entity), Spirits that have crossed over, Psychic Energy, etc.,) then you will likely resonate with the idea of Metaphysical Properties of Essential Oils, and using them for purposes as well! 

The Metaphysical Vibrations of the oils are the Spirits of the oils, that go even deeper than plant parts! They are more individual properties that are given to a specific oil, and it’s whole essence (including its plant part, the color of the plant that produced it, its aroma, its vibration, the chakra that it naturally interacts with, it’s ancient uses, and it’s psychic uses, etc.) 

The Metaphysical Properties of Essential Oils is an idea that is very difficult to put into words (obviously, lol!)… More than words, it’s a metaphysical, energetic exchange that needs to be intuitively experienced and felt, more than understood through logic and spoken language. 

If you work with Healing Crystals, their metaphysical energetic properties are very much like those of essential oils! I have actually put together an entire blog section that highlights how beautifully some oils and healing crystals work together! 

Creating Essential Oil Blends, based on the Metaphysical Properties of the oils is a very powerful thing to do as well, especially when someone is on a Spiritual or Metaphysical journey, looking for energy healing for specific issues, or are working to calm or develop their Psychic skills, etc.

You can be quite creative with Metaphysical blending, and may even choose to include healing crystals or herbs into your blends, to make them even more energetically charged, with your specific intentions! (*Just make sure that if you do incorporate crystals, only use crystals that are not listed on a toxic stones list. CLICK HERE for a toxic stones list.)

This idea and way of using essential oils may not be for everyone, but if it is something that resonates and interests you, I hope you enjoy this section! 

*The below section is a compilation of the information that has been taught to me by my Metaphysical Healing Teachers, as well as my own Intuitive Experiences with these oils. Please be open to having your own intuitive experiences with them, as well, and keep a journal of your Metaphysical findings! 

The Essential Oil Common Name – Followed by the Metaphysical Property:


  • Arborvitae – Promotes the acceptance of the natural flow of life, and the energy of ease vs. struggle. Helps a person have trust in the Universe and in the Law of Attraction
  • Basil – Can be worn by Empaths to assist in energetic overwhelm, when in largely crowded areas. Promotes the ability to cope with stress, and offers energetic support during time of burnout
  • Bergamot – Provides energetic protection from physical harm and ill will from others
  • Birch – Helps an individual feel safe, supported, rooted and “at home”, in their body, school, job, relationships, geographical location, and on the Earth.
  • Black Pepper – Black Pepper is an energetic amplifier and can amplify the energetic properties of other essential oils, also assists the addictive mind
  • Blue Tansy – Builds a spiritual connection between you and Lunar energies. Awareness of the lunar cycles. This is a feminine oil that is symbolic to the divine feminine and a women’s intuition. It is a feminine oil that will help you connect and ignite the more feminine energies within you. Used to balance the masculine
  • Cardamom – Enhances your ability to view life from an objective perspective. Helps to diminish limiting beliefs and bias.
  • Cassia – Encourages you to emerge from hiding. Provides energetic strength and encouragement to those who are afraid of judgment or rejection.
  • Cedarwood – Enhances confidence and assists in the healthy manifestation of one’s desires. Enhances an individual’s spiritual awareness and “Oneness”. ESP/Telepathy and Galactic Connections
  • Chamomile – Promotes thoughtfulness and the ability to act from intention vs. impulse
  • Cilantro – Supports the Spirit and Emotions during times of energetic and emotional detox. Supports the emotions during the times when letting go of control is needed
  • Cinnamon – Helps to stimulate and awaken all psychic abilities, and to bring more energy passion to the person. This is a masculine oil that helps you connect to and ignite the more masculine energies within you. Used to balance the feminine
  • Clary Sage – Cleanses and purifies negative energy, use to clear the energy within spaces and the human aura
  • Clove – Offers protection from negative energy and aids in the memory of soul contracts. Promotes strong boundaries, self-respect, and respect for others. Promotes integrity
  • Coriander – Brings support and healing to those who are continually working to serve others, as a way to gain love, purpose, and approval from exterior sources. Aids with “Them Esteem”. This oil is especially supporting and trans formative for “people pleasers”. It encourages people to live for themselves in a way that is loving and healthy, not selfish. Promotes a healthy sense of purpose and responsibility, but encourages boundaries when and where they are needed, allowing others to also be self-standing, independent and “free”.
  • Cypress – Promotes a long and healthy life, and aids the spirit during difficult transitions. Brings a spiritual essence to sexuality
  • Douglas Fir – Encourages the action of “unplugging”, and brings light to the negative effects of “electromagnetic fog”. It encourages you to spend more time out in nature and to remove the environmental stressors that may be causing you dis-ease, from your home. It encourages the need to have a sacred space, and time away from technology.
  • Eucalyptus – Promotes the quick healing of physical illness and aids in emotions healing of the heart. Also, helps with the release of grief, and encourages the healthy release of emotions, through communication and cleansing tears
  • Fennel – Helps to strengthen the Aura and promotes the creation and strong setting of healthy boundaries
  • Frankincense – Assists in the release of habitual behavior, unhealthy habits, and behaviors or self-sabotage. Can also bring luck and good fortune. Aids in communication with the Higher Power at work/The Divine. Used to deepen meditation & prayer
  • Geranium – Brings balance to the yin and yang energies of the body. Helps to connect you to your “tribe” and other spiritual people
  • Ginger – Promotes self-awareness and the rise of kundalini energy. Promotes spiritual awakening
  • Grapefruit – Promotes self-confidence and diminishes the feelings of self-doubt. Also helps to cleanse the negative emotions of the heart, having to do with envy, abandonment, resentfulness, etc.. Promotes forgiveness of self and others
  • Helichrysum – Aids in the letting go of materialism, and encourages you to live a more heart-centered life, where you find more joy and fulfillment in love and “what truly matters” (healthy, joy. family, for example), over what you have or what you do. This is an oil or personal transformation.
  • Jasmine – Helps to protect the aura from “Energy Vampires”, and provides strong psychic protection. Promotes originality and provides a strong connection to Divine Love
  • Juniper Berry – Promotes psychic clarity when receiving psychic information and provides a strong connection to the Higher Self
  • Lavender – Activates Clairvoyance and promoted a strong sense of inner peace. Helps to free the whole from the feelings and energies of fear, stress, and worry. enhances dream state and psychic visions. Past life regression
  • Lemon – Assists in the cleansing of one’s life, and encourages the letting go of possessions, people, and outcomes. Encourages independence and Self-Completeness. Enhances your ability to “feel” subtle energies, clearly and activates Clairsentience
  • Lemongrass – Invokes Protective Spirits, calling them to a person or into a space
  • Lime – Supports a natural flow of learning, spiritual growth, and fulfillment of your life’s purpose. Enhances an individual’s connection to their Inner Child, true passions and “zest for life”. Emphatic Connections to Spirit and Others. Connection to Fairies and Elementals
  • Marjoram – Promotes the ability to view life in terms of “The Bigger Picture”. Eases the mental mind, when answers cannot be found and eases the heart when all you can do is trust in the process and accept the outcome, as it is.
  • Melaleuca – Encourages the release of co-dependent and toxic relationships. Cleanses negative energies, such as anger, resentment, jealousy, entitlement, greed, etc. Promotes humility and gratitude for what you have
  • Melissa – Awakens the Soul, bringing light to soul consciousness. Brings clarity to your life and energy to your soul purpose
  • Myrrh – Helps in the processing and understanding the emotions of grief and loss. Helps to diminish the emotions of anger, towards God
  • Oregano – Clears negative energy and unhealthy energetic attachments to memories, negative emotions and other people. Helps you to move on and let go of the connection to things that are no longer meant to move forward with you. Protects against negative spirits
  • Orange – Brings vital energy to the whole, and encourages whole balance and harmony, also strengthens one’s willpower. Supports a natural flow of creative inspiration, enhances an individual’s state of spiritual joy, fulfillment, and gratitude. Activates Claircognizants and eases feelings of “lack”
  • Nutmeg – Indicates that much personal work has been done, and you are now a fountain of not only love but wisdom. It is an oil that represents soul growth and Enlightenment. Encourages spiritual journey and brings light to the divine gift that is your knowledge gained from personal experience.
  • Patchouli – Promotes mindfulness, and the ability to live happily, “in the moment”. Promotes the ability to respond, vs. react. Promotes feelings of love any appreciation for your physical body, and encourages a healthy connection between the physical body and spirit
  • Peppermint – Raises the energetic vibration within a space. Connects you to your center (your breath). Promotes clear communication between people and Spirit. Helps to connect you to Spirit Guides. Activates Clairaudience
  • Petitgrain – Encourages people to face and work through their personal “baggage”. This is a no-nonsense oil that brings honesty to the things that people try to ignore. It encourages you to “do the work”. Brings freedom and ending to the “victim mindset”.
  • Rose – Promoted self-love. Assists in establishing a connection with the Angelic Realm. Offers the highest spiritual form of energetic protection
  • Rosemary – Encourages mental stillness during times of transition. Eases the need to exhaust the intellect, in times when “reason” or the “answer” has not yet come to fruition. Eases the whole, while the cycle of manifestation kicks in and catches up to past actions. Eases the feelings of frustrations during time of indecisiveness
  • Sandalwood – Assists with Past Life Regression. Encourages people to prioritize their spiritual practice and their connection to The Divine, despite outside influences. Encourages spiritual strength, patience in your spiritual seeking and trust in your own spiritual truth. Also, encourages the awareness of human impact and the importance of environmental conservation
  • Spruce – Calms the nerves and can aid in deepening meditation. Encourages the importance of life cycles and encourages times of spiritual and energetic “hibernation”
  • Spikenard – Promotes a positive outlook during difficult times. Aid in transcendence. Helps to transform heavy energies into lighter, higher vibrational energies
  • Star Anise – Stills the Mental Mind, opening you up to intuitive guidance and Divine Wisdom
  • Tangerine – Encourages optimism and joy. Empowers the person to take back their personal power and take personal responsibility for their life. Promotes the healthy awareness, use and respect for Free Will
  • Thyme – Highly protective. Encourages the acknowledgment of emotional pain. Aids in emotional disconnect and allows the processing and release of the energies of old traumas
  • Vetiver – Helps to ground and replenish the energy field, and release negative or excess energy from the body. Helps to break old patterns, so that you can create positive change and learn the important lessons in soul growth that The Universe has been bringing to you, that you may have been overlooking, Promotes a connection between you and Nature
  • White Fir – Promotes inner strength and resilience through the hard lessons and turbulence that life brings. Promotes the ability to recognize your inner gifts, and to honor your inner truth. Helps to reignite your true passions
  • Wintergreen – Encourages you to honor your emotions (specifically hurt and heartbreak) and experience all of your feeling of emotional pain, so you can truly process them (instead of pushing them down, deep inside of you), detach from these feeling and the energies from them, and move on. Encourages closure.
  • Ylang Ylang – Enhances an individual’s connection to their Inner Child. Inspires wonder and a thirst for spiritual knowledge. Akashic Records, Channeling, Calms the “Monkey Mind”

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