How-to Begin Getting Your Message Out There, as a New Blogger

and Online Entrepreneur: The First 4 Steps


Starting an online business and blog can feel INCREDIBLY overwhelming (Trust me, I FEEL YOU!), but it is actually quite easy, once you figure out what works, how to break it down, and how to fit it in, so that you can stick with it and remain consistent in your efforts and workflow. 

In the audio video below, I have shared with you my personal process, which is super simple, effective, and easy to work into your day, whether you want to dive in full time, or you are a busy parent who only has a few minutes here and there to get something going! Listen in, take some notes, and HAVE FUN! You’ve GOT THIS! 

1. Hover over the image to the left, and click on the red “Save” pin button. 

2. A box will pop up with the option to assign the pin to one of your existing Pinterest Boards, or you may create a new one that is more relevant to this content. This pin is already optimized, so there is no need to add any additional information in the pin description. Once pinned, it will automatically link you back to this URL, for easy finding, when you want to review it or share it with others in the future!

Happy Pinning!


Hollo, Beauty! 

We have covered a lot of the basics of Holistic Self-Healing and Spiritual and Personal Development, within the beginner post lessons above.

To help give you additional tips and inspirations for how you can use your holistic tools and resources for your joy, balance, and self-care, I have also added a blog section to this website! Below, you will find an index of the additional posts that I have put together for you, which I add to weekly. Please feel free to also contact me, if you have any topic questions or requests for future posts! Happy Self-Healing! 

Also, please feel free to explore these additional subjects and categories!

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