What is Holistic Tarot?

And, how you can use cards for Personal Development:

Hello, Beauty! Welcome to a deep and empowering journey, into The Tarot!

Both Oracle and Tarot Cards are one the four main Holistic Healing Tools that I use in my daily life, as well as use when coaching others in life and in business! Cards are a great way to stretch your Psychic Muscles, but my absolute favorite way to use them is for the simple and practical purpose of Personal Development!

Wahoo! Let’s dive in!

What is “Holistic Tarot”

Just like every other topic or study that is Metaphysical in nature (aka. beyond science), there are many in which different types of people use different types of metaphysical tools; The Tarot, being one of them. 

In Holistic Healing, Divination, or even in Holistic Life Coaching, the tools used by a student, hobbyist or a Practitioner, are no more than instruments that help us make more sense about the information that is carried within energies that are always run through us and surround us.

Much like the “tools” you keep in your silverware drawer or store away in your bathroom cabinet, these instruments have no “power”, no soul and no influence over us. Like a thermometer reads and displays the temperature outside, it is up to use to look at the “reading” that our holistic tools provide, and it is also up to us to decide what we will do with the information we have gained (if anything at all).

In this section of my website, Oracle Cards, as well as Tarot Cards (or a traditional playing card deck), are the holistic tools that we will be using. In this post, and the posts that follow, we will be learning about how to use these types of tools to expand our self-awareness, consciousness, and receive opportunities for inner guidance and introspection in order to make better life and business decisions, as well as how to use cards as a map for soul growth, and a tool for self improvement, and even grounded and practical psychic development!

In my view, Holistic Tarot works had in hand with the Law of Attraction. Tarot Cards work off of our energy, and the energies that we are putting out into The Universe.

The reason why Tarot Cards can be such an empowering and valuable tool for personal development is that they encourage us to objectively examine the energies that we are emanating (represented by the cards), as well as what types of energies we are likely and actively attracting into our reality (also represented by the cards). Once this information more clearly enters our awareness, we can then change our habits, and make more conscious decisions, which can help us stay more grounded and in alignment with who we are and what we truly desire, while remaining open to learning important life lessons that we will face along the way.

I view Holistic Tarot as a type of Spiritual Counseling, paired with Holistic Self-Healing, which can be either a self-study in-home routine (where the Hobiest reads and interprets their own cards and layouts for their own guidance and self-care), or professional sessions can be held within a Client/CHTR Practitioner setting (where a client would choose to have a Certified Holistic Tarot Reader guide the reading).

When we use Tarot Cards in a Holistic Way, we become more aware of who we are and why we are the way we are (ake. Self Awareness).

We become increasingly aware of the bigger picture of Life, the unknows of The Universe and the beauty of The Human Existence (aka. “The Fools Journey”).

We gain an increased appreciation and respect for “free will” and “cause and effect” (The Law of Attraction).

Holistic Tarot is a journey into The Self (your own personal spiritual counseling session) and is a tool that we can use every day to successfully relieve stress, manage our moods, learn important lessons in soul growth, discover powerful solutions to problems, and truly live a life by design!

Choosing The Right Tarot Deck, for You

Choosing a Tarot Deck is a really personal and special thing… Enjoy it and cherish it!

The Tarot has changed and morphed a lot over the years, so now, there are three main systems to choose from:

  1. Rider-Waite Smith
  2. Morgan-Greer
  3. Aleister Crowle’s Thoth

During these Holistic Tarot lessons, I will be using and teaching the Rider-Waite System, which is currently the most popular, most user-friendly (in my opinion), and most well know out of the three main tarot systems listed above.

There are traditional Rider-Waite Decks available (click here, for an example), but there are also a lot of modern decks with new styles and gorgeous illustrations that have also been designed around the same system (click here for a modern example).

When it comes down to choosing a deck, trust your intuition, and try not to overthink it! I honestly own about a dozen tarot decks, and I have a special connection to each of them, so do be afraid to explore a few, prior to settling!

*To help you narrow your choices down, I will share a complete list of my favorite Oracle and Tarot card decks, in my next blog post! 

A Note Regarding Tarot Deck Guidebooks:

Once you receive your card deck, it will likely also come with a companion booklet, or “guidebook”.

As you move into the Holistic Tarot lessons that follow, please temporarily put these guidebooks away.

The following lessons are designed to teach you the basics of the traditional Rider-Waite Smith system, and once you learn this system, you will be able to read any card deck designed around this system, despite the small changes that many modern Designers, Authors, and Illustrators include.

Modern decks and guidebooks (specifically the card meanings) often deviate a bit from the original Rider Waite Smith system, even if the basic structure is the same, so referring to the guidebook at this time may make your learning curve more challenging. (It certainly did for me.)

Once you have successfully learned the information that I am about to share with you, within the following lessons, you may then choose to take your guidebook back out, to read and compare. If you feel that the differences in your particular guidebook, resonate with you more than some of the things I share, then you can go ahead and make the appropriate adjustments. Wahoo! See you in the next post! 

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