What is, “Holistic Healing”?

“What is Holistic Healing?” Holistic Healing, in my view, is adopting a self-care lifestyle, where we pay attention to ourselves, as a whole, and work daily with natural tools, alternative methods, positive actions and a positive mindset, to bring more balance and vitality to our body (both the physical and energetic body), mind, spirit and emotions (aka. “whole”, or “transpersonal’ person).

Does this mean that our lifestyle is perfect, 100% chemical free, we meditate every day, and we never eat junk, never find ourselves in toxic relationships with ourselves and others, and we all have model bodies? Um… HELL NO. Lol.

Honestly, we all have our own sh*t that holds us back and drags us down. All of us, period.

For me, working with holistic tools like healing crystals, essential oils, oracle cards and personal/spiritual development books, for even just 5 minutes of quiet a day (usually while locked in my laundry room away from my husband, kids and dog, lol), helps me live more balanced, recharged and happy!

Self-awareness, personal-responsibility, personal progress, filling back up our cups, and aligning with more joy are the goals here, at least with how I use and teach about Holistic Healing…. Not perfection.

One of the greatest teachers I’ve had in my life, really worked hard to instill the belief in his students that during our human life, we are only, and can only ever be a perfect work in progress. This, to me, is the essence of Holistic Healing, and working to establish your own routine for daily self care, (large or small) based on your personal goals and needs.

Life is fast paced, and most of the time we feel like it’s us against the clock, and at the end of the day, we crash, still feeling as though there’s more to be done, leaving us depleted. This produces a never ending cycle of overwhelm, frustration, a lack of energy, motivation & joy.

If you gave yourself permission to simply check in each day, for 5 minutes, with yourself to ask yourself what you need, and actually do it (or even take one baby step forward), you have potential to transform YOU and your life, entirely! That’s how I did it, and no matter where you are in your life right now, helping you through this process of personal breakthrough, transformation and painful but positive growth, is why I’m here!

Me, prior to learning about Holistic Healing methods, and making my own self-care, a priority:

  • I was insecure
  • I was self conscious I was needy for attention and other’s approval, because my happiness and self worth was based on how others treated me and lifted me up (ex. I thought it was my husbands job to tell me I was pretty, so I felt good about myself.)
  • I used negative self talk, and gossiped about others, a lot. Knocking others made me feel better about myself.
  • I thought that my value was based on other people’s view and opinions of me, and the amount of money that I wasn’t making, since I wasa a stay at home mom, which made me bitter towards my family
  • I expected others to make me happy
  • I believed I was a victim of what I viewed as my “personal limitations”
  • I believed others who were joyful and successful were given that joy and success, or were just “lucky”
  • I let fear fuel my excuses, in every area of my life that I needed to improve
  • I was not self motivated because I was lazy and didn’t want to put work in, in order to produce the change out outcome that I wanted to experience
  • I was unwilling to fail, therefor unwilling to try
  • Misery was my story, and my life was a reflection of my poor, entitled or “lacking” attitude towards myself, others, and The Universe
  • I was ungrateful, unappreciative (because I was stuck in a lack mindset), and I settled for being unhappy and unfulfilled, using motherhood as my excuse.
  • I saw no positive direction for my life, or my future, because change felt so f*ing overwhelming, which made me feel trapped, depressed and ashamed, which lead to self sabotage and numbing myself with food and TV. 
  • I cut myself off from people because I didn’t understand my own energetic and psychic experiences, which scared me, and I didn’t know how to protect myself, process the information, or handle my emotional and energetic discomfort…

Me, after deciding to improve, and commiting to my own self-care, with holistic tools and positive actions:

  • I learned care about myself, as a person, who I saw worthy of my own time and love
  • I’m still a bit self conscious (remember, we are always a work in progress), but I am now the person who will buy herself flowers when I’m feeling down, will use self healing tools like healing crystals essential oils and cards, as I need them (which is OFTEN, lol), and will take the initiative to make myself feel good about the person I am, when I find myself in self-doubt.
  • Outside love from others is always enjoyed and appreciated, but I am now ultimately my own source of support and love (which is the way it should be). Back then, when I did’t love myself, how could I honestly expect others to? The pressure I use to put on others to fill me up, must have been so draining, and I see that now.
  • I catch myself when my thoughts shift from positive to negative, and I choose to change them.
  • Even though I try my best to do good by everyone, there is no size fits all, when it comes to personality types, values and personal belief systems. I will appeal to some, and I wont appeal to others, and that’s okay! I appreciate what others offer and what I offer, and I know that the people who gravitate towards who I am and what I do, are the people whom I’m meant to serve, most! So that is the direction that I set my attention, no strings attached.
  • If I find myself unhappy, I put in the work to change my circumstances, independently, and to the best of my ability
  • I view my “personal limitations” as opportunities to grow and to think “outside of the box”
  • I now know that people who are truly joyful and successful WORK FOR IT.
  • I DO NOT allow fear to be an excuse. I process it and honor it as information, then I push past it. Fear is the doorway to self improvement, and in some cases, the doorway to your dreams!
  • I am 100% self motivated, and expect no favors or handouts from anyone. Period.
  • I welcome failure with a full heart, because I know that failing forward, is the only way to progress!
  • Gratitude is my story, and my life is a blessing, no matter how it looks, or what I get out of it. I’m truly the richest person on the planet, as far as I’m concerned. lol! I’m in love with my husband, we have a beautiful family, I have a career that I LOVE and love working my ass off for, and beautiful friends and team members who bring such fun and passion to my life and my work. I, and my family are all healthy and safe… Honestly, what else is there to need? Everything else, even hard life lessons, are just added blessing from The Universe, and I’m so grateful for ALL OF IT.
  • I see the future, and what I would love it to be, but I’m more focused on the now. Enjoying the small moments, and showing up as the best (imperfect) person I can be, for myself and others.
  • Being around a lot of people still freaks me out, but I understand myself and my energetic experiences and I have a good grip on how to handle my energy and the the energy of what’s around me. My discomfort in this “psychic” area of my life actually lead me to my career, and the people who I love to educate and lift up! So in this case, my fear and energetic discomfort was the path to my life purpose (outside of being a mom), and I’ve never felt more fulfilled, in my life!

Okay, so holy shi*t, Aly… What birthed all of this change!?

It wasn’t magic, my friends. It was a shift in MINDSET.


So Beauty… If you are like me (in my past mindset), you may be telling yourself;

“I’ve tried to make improvements in my life before, and it was too overwhelming and ultimately, I failed…

“I don’t know how to to start trying again, where to start again, and I’m afraid to fail again.”

OK, so this is me just being real… I fail DAILY, but, failure is NOT something that moves us backwards! It moves us forward, because it teaches us how we can be BETTER.

I guarantee you that if you tried something, and in your mind, you “failed”, you didn’t actually emerge from that worse off than you were before you tried.

Sure, you may have not experience the outcome that you were wanting, but I guarantee you grew as a person in some way. You LEANRED something.

Sometimes, people just get so balled up in the idea that “they failed”, they actually fail to see the good that came from their efforts and the experience, which in my view, is missed opportunity. 

From here on out, let’s promise ourselves that we are going to chill out a bit, and be willing to fail forward. Because, Beauties, as soon as you let go of the fear that is holding you back, you will EXPLODE WITH LIGHT, into the person who you are meant to be, for yourself, for your family, and for this world!

Where do you start?

Your journey begins with following the rainbow! In this case, I refer to your this “rainbow” or, your “road map to wellness”, as “The Chakra System”. Please head over to my next post on “The Chakras”, below, and start there! They will be your path to discovering where you are, and how to get where you want to go… The chakras are your path to JOY, then from there, it’s just one foot in front of the other. 

Tools and Action Plans that will turn you into a MASTER of your life, a creator of your JOY, and an advocate of your journey to self-empowerment! 

(*I add new posts to this section WEEKLY, so please check back often while you enbark on your self-care journey, for additional content that will continue to empower you with tools and ideas that you can put into positive action, while you transform yourself, your relatioships, your carreer and your LIFE!)

My work, is dedicated to YOU! xoxo, Dr. Aly


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