Good morning Beauties!!I had a post request come in, and this lovely soul was inquiring about holistic tools that could help support Patience.

Now, patience can mean a few different things, so I have 2 sets of tools (healing crystals paired with essential oils) to share with you, that should help you cover all of your bases, around this self-improvement and self-care goal!

Patience, or having a lack of patience, when it comes to things like parenting, for example, often causes negative emotions, such as Anger, to arise and hang around.

You know… like when we tell your kids over and over where their shoes need to go, and every morning before school no one can find a complete pair, and everyone is about to miss the freaking bus, which causes Mommy’s blood to boil… Lol. 

For this type of lack of patience and the negative emotions that come along with it, we can’t just skip over to an oil like lavender, and expect it to be very effective, right away. First, we need to breathe for a few minutes so that we can find our center, rebalance and work to release those negative vibes, so they don’t crap all over our mood, all day long.

So, two holistic tools that will help you ground and center your energy and will encourage you to intentionally work on practicing more patience, while helping you to release negative energy and emotions are: Smoky Quartz (for grounding and negativity transmutation) and the Doterra’s Breathe Blend (or peppermint essential oil).

These tools will help you to release energetic tension, will help you connect more deeply to your breath, and can actually help bring more balance to your throat chakra, if you have a tendency to yell and scream during times when you may lose your patience). Don’t worry pretty, you’re only human!

The next type of lack of patience has to do with not being particularly good at waiting… For this type of lack of patience, we do reach for Lavender. The emotion that often accompanies this, is worry. Lavender will help to calm your mind and anxious energy. A crystal that works beautifully with lavender and for this specific purpose, is a heart chakra crystal. For this, my go-to healing crystal would be Green Apophyllite. This stone lifts your vibration and thoughts to a lighter and more positive frequency, but since it’s also a heart chakra stone, it’s great for forgiveness, empathy, compassion, understanding, and kindness towards yourself and others. Apophyllite, in general, is also a great crown chakra activator, which will help you with surrendering to the flow of The Universe. All is well…


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