Gear Suggestions for Doterra Business Owners,

who want to grow their business, online:

Apple iPhone® 8

If I could only give you ONE gear recommendation to use to launch and run your Online Doterra Business, it would be an Apple iPhone® 8, HANDS DOWN. For the first two years of running my business, I only used my phone, and my laptop, but if I had only had my phone, I could have still made it work! The reason why I say go Apply over Android is mainly due to the quality of the iPhone® camera. These phones take GORGEOUS pictures (especially the iPhone® 8, with the dual cameras), which is incredibly important if you are looking to grow your business online via your blog and social media. I have had many team members attempt to use an Android, but they simply don’t do a beautiful job, like the iPhone’s do, and almost everyone upgrades! Do yourself a big favor, and grab an iPhone® (with as much storage space as possible), as early of in your business as possible, so you can avoid having to re-do a lot of your photo content later. *Check your local cell phone store for options and pricing. 

Approximate Cost: Depends on your phone plan

Apple Mac Book Air (Laptop) Core i7

So, Beauty, of course, you will need a computer for your online business. I began building my business on an HP Pavilion Laptop because it was what I had, and what I could afford, but, since then, I have been able to upgrade, and I LOVE my new Apple Mac Book Air. I still use my old laptop for blogging, word documents, storing images and creating my graphics, but I use my Mac Book Air for all things video, live streaming and audio. Start with what you have, but take note of what you may want to upgrade to later. Once it is time to upgrade, this laptop is a great choice, and is an affordable option that will be a little workhorse for your business! *This is NOT an Affiliate Link. 

Approximate Cost: Begins at $999

Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for Laptops 

This laptop stand is freaking genius, and I can’t believe that it took me so long to find it! Laptops that are desk level just don’t work when you are trying to produce a webcam face-to viewer video, so I’ve propped my laptop up on books, plant stands, you name it, and it was such a difficult thing trying to get it to sit (and stay) at a level where my face would fall naturally within the frame. The Griffin GC16034 Elevator Stand for Laptops is a GREAT stand, and it has the perfect height and angle for face to viewer captures! I just LOVE IT!! *This is NOT an Affiliate Link

Approximate Cost: Usually around $39

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

If you are planning on creating audio files or video (live or pre-recorded), quality sound is important, and your audience will appreciate it! This little gem of a microphone has my heart! It’s the Blue Yeti USB Microphone, and it comes in many color choices! There is no software or additional stands needed for this baby! Simply place her on your desk or table, plug her into the UBS port of your computer, and you are good to go! *Just be sure to also have a headphone set, like the one that I have listed below, so there is no noise kick back during video conferences, etc. *This is NOT an Affiliate Link.  

Approximate Cost: Usually around $89

MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 In-Ear Headphones (*use with your Yeti Mic)

These MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 In-Ear Headphones are necessary if you are going to be using your Yeti Mic, during conference calls, live videos, etc. This is a great headset, and the price won’t set you back much! SO worth the investment and they plug right into your Yeti Microphone (shown above). This headset comes in a variety of colors (I personally have the Clear version, and LOVE THEM).*This is NOT an Affiliate Link.  

Approximate Cost: Usually around $15

Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam

The webcam is INCREDIBLE! It will make a huge difference in your face to face video. If you are worried about the quality of your built-in computer webcam (especially if you don’t use a Mac), this Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam clips right into the top of your computer, it’s small, and it’s so much more convenient and affordable to use than an expensive tripod camera alternative. I SO wish I had found this little gem earlier, but better a bit late than never! *This is NOT an Affiliate Link.  

Approximate Cost: Usually around $100

PBL Studio Photography Video Lighting Kit

This is a set of 2 softbox lights that are lifesavers if you have poor lighting in your home office, or plan on doing a lot of videos at night. What you want to do with this PBL Studio Photography Video Lighting Kit. is position your box lights so they are facing you from a side/front angle (one to the left of you, and one to the right). This will fill your room with what looks light natural light, without any harsh shadow areas or reflections. Note – I have tried using a single ring light, but it caused a lot of lighting issues, especially when I was trying to film tutorials on a whiteboard, so this set is a MUCH BETTER option, in my opinion. I just LOVE this lighting kit! *This is NOT an Affiliate Link.  

Approximate Cost: Usually around $98


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