The Universe knows how to deliver me messages, or to get me moving in a certain direction, and usually, it’s by completely dropping me on my ass, for a short amount of time, so I pay attention, snap back in the NOW, and reevaluate my actions and my life goals.

Usually, this “dropping Aly on here ass” type of situation is incredibly UNENJOYABLE, but, as with all situations, there is ALWAYS a Silver Lining and an opportunity for self-improvement and soul growth.

So, what happened, and what changed?

Well, during the last week in October 2017, we were blindsided by a massive storm and power outage. There were downed trees and power lines in every direction. stranded cars and school buses, and 90,000+ homes and business were knocked off of the power grid, including internet and cell phone data connections.

Grocery stores were even out of power, and gas station lines were back up for days.

We live in New England, and we are used to short-term power outages during the winter months, but for this time of year, it was completely unexpected, and no one was prepared for it.

Our family had basic food, water, and a small appliance generator, so we were managing fine, but living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and instant coffee was really starting to get to us, and honestly, from a mom perspective, I felt like I had really done a horrible job preparing for something like this, and my kids had to deal with the repercussions of that.

I went from grocery store to grocery store, hoping to get some cold cuts for sandwiches that would be a bit more substantial… None had power, and all refrigerated areas were completely stripped clean so that the food could be stored in a chilled back room that had generator backups, and no one was allowed to purchase anything from the back rooms.

As I walked past the bare shelves and out of these grocery stores, one after the other, empty-handed, I realized then and there that at any point in time, people had the power to cut off my family’s food supply, and if they ever did, I had no way to produce food for my own family without the need for a grocery store.

Oh, HELL NO.  

I became so pissed at myself, for allowing myself to become so dependant on a convenience lifestyle, and had seen, thankfully just for a short time (7 days without power and 10 days without internet or cell data), how bad things can get, and how screwed families could be if they relied 100% on people outside of their family to provide them with what they needed to get by, during times like natural disasters or power outages that knock out entire regions without notice.

Now, if you have been following me and my blog, you know that I mainly focus on a Spiritual and Holistic Lifestyle… Well, I have to say that even though I still do focus on spiritual and metaphysical topics, this experience CHANGED ME.

Never in my life have I felt so GROUNDED, and in survival mode, than during those 10 days. My actions shifted entirely from being consumed by the technology that I use daily (often ALL DAY) in order to run my online business, to actions that would help me be a better mom, like learning how to cook with my wood fire cook top stove and a dutch oven and learning about basic life skills that my Great Grandmother was a MASTER OF, that I have completely gotten away from, because of this new “convenience” lifestyle that I 100% ATE UP! (I feel so foolish, to say the least, but I’m so glad that I see things differently now, and I have time to fix the things about my life that I don’t like.) 

This blog section is a place where I plan on documenting and sharing the fun, empowering and positive changes that I and my family are making so that we can become more skilled, independent and self-sufficient!

This “Wake-Up Call” that I received from The Universe shined a light on so many things in my life that I know NOTHING about and completely suck at, and even though it is scary as hell, I know that this type of re-learning, getting back to the basic, personal growth and preparedness is important, not only for myself but also for my family! I’m excited to dive in DEEP and become an even better and more skilled person, friend, wife, and mom! Join me, Beauties!! Let’s get our hands dirty together, and share our journeys along the way!

Life is hard, and for me, it took a while for me to grow up (and I say this to myself lovingly).

I married and had children young. I was 19 when I dropped out of University, 20 when I married the man of my dreams, and 21 when I become responsible for a new, tiny human. For many years, I will PPD hit me HARD, I lost my sense of self, and I became numb and hollow, without a Spirit or identity…

My early 20’s is when I had to focus on ME, and this was anything but selfish. It was necessary for survival, and self-healing with holistic tools was what worked for me.

During this time, I was not the best wife or mom (I was horrible, honestly), but I was drowning, and self-care and self-healing HAD to be my #1 priority if I was ever going to be able to show up for myself and others, including my family, in the way that I truly wanted to and knew that I could. It was a long and difficult journey to self-discovery and self-healing, but adopting a holistic self-care lifestyle was what I NEEDED, and it is what helped me emerge from the scary depths that I had somehow sunk to.

Over the years, and through my studies at IMHS, and time with my many Mentors and Teachers who shined the way for me, I eventually found myself guiding others through their own self-care, self-healing, and even online business adventures, with the goals of being more independent and empowered men and women! As you know, this time of my life built the foundation for this blog, which has been about a decade in the making!

Now, into my early 30’s. self-care, self-healing and online soul-centered business is still a huge part of my daily work and life purpose, but my heart and my energy have also shifted in a new, more balanced and joyful direction, not only for me but for my husband and little ones as well!

The power outage that I mentioned above completely cut me off from my work, technology, and everything that I had been so BUSY and consumed with, outside of my family life, that it made me realize (and not without a lot of heavy emotion and even a lot of Mom Guilt), that the efforts that I was putting out to help others were making a huge and positive difference, but I had simultaneously neglected my own relationships and family’s basic needs. This included quality time with mom, unplugged from her computer and her phone, as well as food that wasn’t from a box or steam bag. The truth is, my family, sacrified a LOT during the years that I needed to take for myself, so that I could be in a happy place, which included financial independence and an identity outside of being “Mom”, but I had 10 uninterrupted days of looking deep into the souls of my husband and my children, and as stressful as the week was, we had never spent that much quality time together. Despite the bucket baths, no exectricity, no running water crappy food, being completely disconnected from my business and team, and quite a bit of collective boredom, there was part of me who preferred the simplicity. I had never felt so connected to my family, and I had truly never been so happy!

It was Divine Timing, and a part of me thinks the storm was meant for me. A gift from Mother Mature that reconnected me to her, and those who truly need me most.

Eventually, the lights came back on, and my kids were delighted to be able to turn on the T.V. and dive back into their daily routines at school, but part of me desperately wanted to hold onto the connections and feelings that I had shared with them during our week without the power grid, and I wanted them to continue to have daily access to the Mom who had been so attentive, snuggly, supportive, undistracted and 100% present.

There was no way that I would go back to doing things the way I had been, with a lack of boundaries and a lack of quality time set aside for my family who needed me.

I would NOT BE that bare shelved grocery store. 

We all have to step back sometimes and re-evaluate our priorities, especially as we grow older. It is time now for me to shift my energy and efforts, back to my home, and I feel now that I finally have my health and my priorities where they should be!

I’ve learned with age that although I may want to contribute something great to the World, I can make the largest positive impact, right at home, by showing up the best that I can, for the people I love, and that can be so much more fulfilling than any publication, rank advancement or recognition from a company!

Now that I am personally in a good and healthy place, and I have built a business that provides others with purpose, opportunity, and value, as well as a financial pipeline for my family, it’s time to embrace the gift that being a wife and mom truly is! I am blessed beyond measure (as every mom is)!

They grow up so fast, and this Mom is going to work on strengthening her family’s foundation (while still prioritizing her self-care and sense of self), cherishing every moment or craziness, and cultivating some pretty magical homestead memories that will provide her children with life skills and family values they can be proud of! 

New Blog Posts Coming Soon!

Hollo, Beauty! 

We have covered a lot of the basics of Holistic Self-Healing and Spiritual and Personal Development, within the beginner post lessons above.

To help give you additional tips and inspirations for how you can use your holistic tools and resources for your joy, balance, and self-care, I have also added a blog section to this website! Below, you will find an index of the additional posts that I have put together for you, which I add to weekly. Please feel free to also contact me, if you have any topic questions or requests for future posts! Happy Self-Healing! 

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