How Essential Oils Impact Our Mood and Emotions Through Olfaction

Hello Beauty! For this mini-lesson, let’s explore the topic of HOW essential oils work, specifically having to do with how they impact our mood and emotions, through our sense of smell, also known as “Olfaction”. 

For “scent molecules”, the olfactory nerve is quite literally the doorway, in which these molecules travel through, in order to and deliver important information to our brain. 

For more of the science of olfaction, here is a WIKI Article: CLICK HERE

The membrane of a human’s olfactory nerve contains approximately 10-20 million smell receptors and is capable of identifying 2000-4000 different “smell molecules”! From there, it instantaneously sends this information to the brain (specifically the limbic system and cerebral cortex), where it is processed and recognized, as a memory (by the cerebral cortex), which then prompts the body to respond (thanks to the limbic system). 

Some automatic responses that may be triggered within the body, by the limbic system, are different types and levels of emotion, feelings, behavior, and memory. 

These experiences are highly subjective. Each individual will have their own, unique experiences and automatic responses to different scent molecules, which makes personal experimentation and trial and error, the route to finding success through using essential oils as a tool for mood management, emotional support, and beyond! 

A silly analogy…

Why punching your Limbic System in the face, with LOVE, will make you feel better:

So, I’m being playful with my word choice here, but essential oils do carry a serious PUNCH, in the most beautiful high vibe way, and here is why they are such a powerful natural holistic healing tool, specifically for mood and emotions…

As I mentioned above, essential oils travel straight to the limbic system, which is our body system that is in charge of our emotions. A scent can drastically and quickly alter how we feel, buy eliciting an almost instant emotional (and sometimes psychical) response within us.

Ever stick your nose in the mouth of a sour milk jug. Ewww! …Yeah, that definitely makes you FEEL something, eh?! Well, that gross and nauseated feeling that can come along with some scents interacting with your limbic system can also have its opposite effect, when our limbic system comes in contact with an aroma that is pleasant!

Once we learn HOW we personally react to certain smells, (many of us react quite different to common pleasant smells, due to them being directly associated with positive memory), we can mindfully choose scents that we know will help us elicit a more positive emotional response within us. This Beauties, is the ART of Self Healing, using essential oils as a tool for mood management and emotional wellness!

Essentially, when you begin to intentionally use essential oils in this way, you are providing your limbic system with exactly what it needs, to be able to quickly and effectively coach your brain into helping you feel better!

When you catch yourself in the midst of a negative thought or emotion, interrupt it with an oil, and choose a more desired automatic response, with intention! 

The mini essential oils lessons that follow, will go deeper into essential oil selection methods, so you can choose the method that you enjoy and resonate with most!

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