What are Therapeutic Grade dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Hello, Lovelies! Please let me introduce you to one of the main (and most versatile and effective) holistic tools that I personally use, teach with, and suggest to my students and clients!

Essential oils are the natural essence of a plant. The “essence” is found in the form of a highly concentrated volatile substance, within the cells of some (but not all) plant types. Plants create this essence, in order to heal itself (they are the plant’s medicine), protect itself from predators and to attract pollinators. Yay! This natural volatile substance (aka. the essential oil of the plant), is extracted from the plant and can offer us incredible therapeutic benefits, if we have the proper knowledge of how and when to use them, safely!

How the heck do you use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, anyway?

As I mentioned briefly above, essential oils are one of the main (and most versatile and effective) holistic tools that I personally use, teach with, and suggest to my students and clients.

The Basic Common Methods of Use, (Taught in the “The Essential Life” book, or the “Modern Essentials” book (popular reference/usage guide books for essential oil distributors):

  • Topical
  • Aromatic
  • Internal

Taught by Me (Along the lines of the English Method of Aromatherapy, paired with Metaphysical, Synergistic and Vibrational methods):

  • Topical
  • Inhalation (a form of Aromatic)
  • Diffusion (a form of Aromatic)
  • Vibrational (spiritual/energetic) 

Important Note: I do not use or recommend the use of essential oils to be taken internally, nor do I recommend using them on or around animals and/or children under the age of 4. This is for safety purposes, and is a personal preference of mine, as an educator. Please do not take any essential oils internally, unless you are under the direction and care of a Licensed Medical Professional or Clinical Aromatherapist, who knows your complete medical history, medications and possible health concerns.

Why Essential Oils are my favorite tools for Emotional Rebalancing and Mood Management:

Essential oils carry a serious PUNCH, in the most beautiful and high vibe way, and here is why they are such a powerful tool, to help you manage your mood and improve our emotional and mental wellness…

Essential Oils travel straight to the limbic system, which is our body system that is in charge of our emotions.

Different smells (aka. “aromas”), drastically and quickly alter how we feel, by eliciting an almost instant emotional (and sometimes psychical) response within us.

Ever stick your nose in the mouth of a sour milk jug? …Yeah, that definitely makes you FEEL something, eh?! (YUCK!) …

Well, that gross and nauseated feeling that can come along with some smells interacting with your limbic system can also have it’s opposite effect when your limbic system comes in contact with an aroma that you find, pleasant!

Here is where personal empowerment really comes in… Once we learn HOW we personally react to certain smells, (many of us react quite different to common pleasant smells, due to them being directly associated with memory), we can mindfully choose scents that we know will help us elicit a more positive emotional response within us!

This Beauties, is the ART of Self-Healing, using essential oils as a natural and effective tool for emotional rebalancing and healthy mood management!

Essentially, when you begin to intentionally use essential oils in this way, you are providing your limbic system with exactly what it needs, to be able to quickly and effectively help you, feel better!

Here are some ways that I will teach you how to use essential oils, to achieve greater health and balance within each area of your life…

Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic Wellness:

  • Spiritual wellness (aromatic)
  • Space clearing and energetic protection (aromatic and topical)
  • Personal, spiritual and psychic development (aromatic)
  • Mindfulness (aromatic)
  • Manifestation and Abundance (aromatic)
  • Meditation and Prayer (aromatic)
  • Chakra Balancing (aromatic and topical)
  • and more!

    Physical Body Wellness:

    • Rest and relaxation (aromatic and topical)
    • Sleep enhancement (aromatic and topical)
    • Mood management (aromatic and topical)
    • Emotional wellness (aromatic)
    • Greif and loss (aromatic)
    • Chemical free cleaning options and to support healthy air within your home (aromatic and topical)
    • Chemical free body product options for healthy skin, teeth, hair and beauty (aromatic and topical)
    • Joint and muscle soreness (aromatic and topical)
    • General muscle/body aches (topical)
    • Occasional tummy upset (topical)
    • That time of the month and menopause (topical)
    • Seasonal immune support and respiratory health (aromatic and topical)
    • and more!

    Why I only use and recommend Doterra Essential Oils:

    • Environmental Impact: Co-Impact Sourcing Quality Testing (a manufacturer to be able to provide lab results and GMCS report data to you, for free, for your review) Essential Oil QUality = The Potency and Effectiveness (both of which, you want to best). SourceforYou.com offers you the latest third party GM/CS Reports (complete, up to date, and with great testing data and results provided by third party laboratories.) www.sourceforyou.com 
    • Plant Varieties: Different plant varieties yield different medicinal benefits. dōTERRA chooses the best plant varieties to work with, both for effectiveness and safety
    • Distillation Methods (I’m not a fan of solvent extraction): All of dōTERRA’s essential oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed
    • Price: With a wholesale customer membership ($35 a year, no renewal required) or a Wellness Advocate Membership, you are able to purchase dōTERRA essential oils, at a wholesale discount (like a Cosco Membership), with no minimum or monthly order requirement, no need to sell anything, and the opportunity to earn up to 30% back in free products when you order, which adds up to a lot of amazing freebies, that will help to support you during your self-care, holistic studies, and/or as you build and grow your business! If you don’t want to sign up for the membership, that’s ok too! You can simply buy your dōTERRA essential oils at retail price, without the wholesale discount, here.
    • The Incredibly generous and high vibe business model, which teaches the importance of education, support and servant leadership, vs. selling and promoting, and gives us the opportunity of earning residual income, which is incredibly important to me and what I want to create within my business for myself, my family and others. 
    • The Highly Supportive Culture and Integrity of The Doterra Company and People: There is one more thing about Doterra that is equally as beautiful as their essential oils and the generosity of their business model, and that is the purity of the hearts of those who have founded and run this company and the love and integrity in which people work their Doterra Businesses. You will not find a community or company culture that is more loving and supportive than Doterra!
    • The education and support that each of us receives from the person who we order from. When we order from a Doterra Wellness Advocate, we are not going into essential oil use, blind. I’m committed to supporting my customers and team members with as much quality education as possible, so as soon as you crack open your first essential oil bottle, you are fully supported by a mentor and team who truly wants to help you learn and THRIVE! 

    A Warning About Amazon Sellers: 

    Also, one last BIG thing to note here… It is incredibly important that you don’t purchase any dōTERRA essential oils from Amazon because they are always shipped from a third party, are not guaranteed, and are often diluted and/or tampered with, which you don’t want! By ordering through me, your precious bottles are delivered directly to you, from dōTERRA, and if anything should go wrong during delivery or if you should have any questions or concerns, dōTERRA TOTALLY has your back (and you have me too, of course)! Let me just say… their customer service is made up the NICEST group of people you will ever encounter. They are amazing! These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Ordering Essential Oils is like opening a Cosco Membership… You get your oils at wholesale price!

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