About Dr. Aly Welcome, to DrAly.LIFE! My name is Dr. Aly, and I am a Certified Metaphysical Holistic Life Coach and Crystal Healer, an Intuitive Card Counselor, a Vibrational Synergy Aromatherapist, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, summa cum laude) in Metaphysical Humanistic Science.

My Specialties + Services

Holistic Coaching in the following subjects, offered to my Tribe Members, though my Team Community, and free to the public, via my private Facebook Group Workshop “Morning Mindset, with Dr. Aly”, where I share support and guidance having to do with Life and working the Doterra Business, holistic education, self-healing tips and tools, weekly, and pop in for LIVE Sparkle Sessions and Q&A!

Common topics that I LOVE to teach & share about:

  • Grounding + Psychic Expansion
  • Self Healing with Healing Crystals
  • Self Healing with Doterra Essential Oils
  • Self Discovery through the 7 Chakras
  • Self Healing though the 7 Chakras 
  • Spiritual Awakening and Overcoming an Identity Crisis
  • Finding and Living Your Life Purpose
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Money and Abundance 
  • Healthy vs. Dependent and/or Toxic Relationships
  • Spiritual Business (attraction vs. promotion) 
  • Heart Centered Online Business Strategies 
  • Card Counseling & Coaching (oracle and tarot)
  • Oracle Card Creation & Publication 
  • Parents of Psychic Children
  • Psychic Distress and Energetic Protection 
  • Finding your Tribe
  • Creating Your Brand with Authenticity and Integrity
  • Launching your dream business, through blogging and social media 
  • Your path to six figures, as a holistic/spiritual entrepreneur 
  • Turning Network Marketing into a Spiritual Call and your SOUL WORK

Available Online Courses

  • Vibrational Crystal Healing – CCH
  • Holistic Tarot Reading- CHTR
  • Journey to Self Healing + Self Discovery + Coaching Option
  • Vibrational Synergy Aromatherapy – CVSA

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