Welcome, Beauty! My name is, Dr. Aly.

I am a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, a Certified Metaphysical Holistic Life Coach and Holistic Healer, the founder of Life Code Aromatherapy, a Spiritual and Emotional Self-Healing Advocate and Teacher, and a Psychic Stress and Development, Specialist!

What do I do?

As a Group Coach and Practitioner, I help people, most often those who are experiencing emotional and energetic stress, find more balance, health, joy and fulfillment in their lives, by teaching them how to use powerful self-discovery techniques, natural self-healing tools and effective self-empowerment methods, in order to better understand WHO they are, WHY they are the way they are, and then teach them HOW they can begin to transform their lives, with quick and practical daily practices.

As a Course Instructor and Team Leader, I also help those receive quality in-home training in the Holistic Arts and Soul-Centered Entrepreneurship, so they can find self-empowerment and self-healing and also learn how to share powerful self-care methods and genuine support with others, through their own Holistic Businesses!

Who do I work with? 

I create free content, as well as self-paced online courses and online communities that are available to the public. If you feel called to learn more about how you can support yourself and others with holistic tools such as healing crystals, essential oils, chakra balancing, holistic life coaching, oracle cards and holistic tarot, I truly hope that you will spend some time exploring what I have put together for you, on this site!

If you have any questions or topic suggestions, please always feel free to Contact Me! I would love to hear from you! 

What you can expect from me, and the info I share on this blog:

  • I share about holistic self-healing, metaphysical tools, and natural action plans, in a way that is easily understood and used by beginners.

My passion lies in helping those who are new to these topics, so if you are a newbie, please don’t worry! You have landed in the right place! 

  • I have what I refer to as a “No-Fluff” teaching style. I’m laid back, to the point, I love to simplify the complicated, and I only offer very practical tips, techniques, and safe solutions, that you can use every day!

Who has time for fluff and pixie dust!? Give me the MEAT! *wink! 

My Basic Phylosophies, when it comes to Holistic Tools, Spirituality, and Alternative Self-Care:

  • Holistic Tools such as healing crystals and essential oils are not cure-alls. They don’t possess magical powers and neither do people. They can, however, offer you energetic and emotional support as you dig in to do the deeper work. 
  • You are your own healer and are personally responsible for your own life. *I am merely a Teacher and a Guide, who is here to help you along the way.  
  • If you have yourself, you have everything that you need. Think empowered thoughts, do no harm to yourself or others, and have an attitude of gratitude! 

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