Welcome, Beauty!

Here on my blog, my name is, Dr. Aly, but outside of this space there are also some incredible little souls who call me, “Mom”.

Here are the things that have made me who I am…

There is Beauty in The Trenches…

Before I share my accomplishments with you (which is typically what “About Pages” on blogs are all about, I feel as though I need to start by sharing with you some of my failures and lows that have made me, and will continue to make me who I am.

“Speak to a person who has everything going right in their life, and you only learn about who they are and how they behave when they are not in the midst of struggle… Speak to someone who is in the midst of struggle (who is managing to still hold themselves and their life together, while remaining optimistic, humble and kind) and you will have the opportunity to speak to a person’s true soul, and you will gain eyes into their Spirit.” – Dr. Aly

I am empathetic, brave, and with a deeper faith and broader perspective, thanks to the trenches and the times when I didn’t end up on top. Here are a few “failures”, and painful experiences that over the years, and through self-healing and a LOT of inner work, have ultimetly become grateful for, all of which I would re-live over and over again if I knew they would lead me back to where I am in life, back to the family and career that I have today, and back to the person I have become: 


  • In the past, I was emotionally abused, made fun of and verbally assaulted by my peers throughout most of my years in school. (Elementary through High School.)
  • I lost my innocence at an alarmingly young age.
  • I based my self-worth and self-esteem, off of how my boyfriends treated me.
  • I sabotaged healthy relationships because the fact that they were healthy, scared me.  (I didn’t feel deserving.)
  • I dropped out of University after my sophomore year (approximately 3 months after I was sexually assaulted on campus).
  • After the birth of my children (the first of which was extremely traumatic), I heavily experienced PPD (Post Partum Depression) for a number of years, and it put a lot of strain on me and those around me (especially me family).
  • My first two online business (an online baby retail shop and product line, followed by working as a Graphic Designer and Vector Illustrator) were complete failures, due to a total lack of boundaries, time management, and not putting my family first.

It was because of the experiences above, as well as MANY other face down moments (as well as MANY joyful and positive relationships and great experiences in between), that have offered me choices and chances to become a better version of myself, and self-improvement became a PASSION and my life purpose!

This is where the self-improvement and self-healing through self-study and introspection became an incredibly important part of my life, that ultimately lead me down the path that has brought me here, so far! As a human being, I’m naturally still quite flawed, but I am also brave, loving and incredibly happy to be a beautiful work in progress! If you are on a similar journey, I am celebrating you and your beautiful life as well! We all have so much to be thankful for. 🙂

So, who is Aly, today, and what do I do, professionally?…

(Time to celebrate the good stuff!)

Personally, I’m a work at home mom and sidekick to an incredibly smart and sexy bearded man, whom I was SO fortunate to fall in love with when I was 19, and we have been happily married for 10+ years ever since! Personality wise, I am a very capable and independent woman (sometimes too independent – hay, it’s the Airies in me…), and although my hubby and I are different in many ways, he is our protector, the person who brings groundedness and balance to my energy, and the partner whom I love, value and appreciate, in every sense.

We live in a beautiful little hole in the woods of Northern New England, (in the closest thing we could find to a hobbit hole), and here, with our children, we are building our simple and cozy dream life and homestead! In our home, there is never a shortage of fresh coffee, bacon, fish chowder and beef stew! 

Professionally, I am a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Metaphysical Humanistic Science and Certified Metaphysical Holistic Life Coach, CHLC (yes, I did end up going back to school- wahoo!), a Certified Holistic Healer (in multiple healing modalities – CCH, CRMT, CHTR), the founder of Life Code Aromatherapy™, an Advocate for Healthy Family Dynamics and Psychic Health (which is mainly what I blog about here), as well a private Business Consultant for Stay at Home Parents and Health and Wellness Professionals. YAY!! 

To put my offerings more simply, I have worked to consolidate my knowledge and skillsets over the past couple of years and I currently focus on:

♦ sharing my Online Courses with the Public and with my Team Members, while I…

♦ prioritize offering this blog as a free resource to the public,

♦ and work one-on-one with the men and women who are growing businesses alongside me, within my Doterra Tribe, Blossoms United!

What you can expect from me, and the info I share on this blog:


  • I share about holistic self-healing, metaphysical tools, and natural action plans, in a way that is easily understood and used by beginners.

My passion lies in helping those who are new to these topics, so if you are a newbie, please don’t worry! You have landed in the right place! 

  • I have what I refer to as a “No-Fluff” teaching style. I’m laid back, direct and to the point, I love to simplify the complicated, and I only offer very practical tips, techniques, and safe solutions, that you can use and enjoy every day!

Who has time for fluff and pixie dust!? Give me the MEAT! *wink! 


My Basic Phylosophies, when it comes to Holistic Tools, Spirituality, and Alternative Self-Care:


  • Holistic Tools such as healing crystals and essential oils are not cure-alls. They don’t possess magical powers and neither do people. They can, however, offer you energetic and emotional support as you dig in to do the deeper work and inner exploration, self-discovery, and self-improvement.
  • You are your own healer and are personally responsible for your own energy, actions, and life. *I am merely a Teacher and a Guide, who is here to help you and encourage you along the way.  
  • If you have yourself, you have everything that you need. Think empowered thoughts, do no harm to yourself or others, have an attitude of growth and gratitude (ditch the victim mindset), and you will be just fine!


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