16 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Holistic Healing, No Internal Use

Here is a List of 16 Simple and Effective Ways to Use Essential Oils, Holistically, for Greater Joy, Energy and Overall Health:


(*This is not a complete list, but I will be specifically sharing about the following, in more detail, throughout the additional posts that follow, within the “Aromatherapy for Beginners” section. Please note- I do not teach about or recommend essential oils for internal use, so you will not find any internal use suggestions within the list below, or within any of my blog posts or courses. All lessons that I offer to the general public are for Aromatic, Vibrational and Topical Use, only.)

  1. Emotional wellness (aromatic)
  2. Spiritual wellness (aromatic)
  3. Energetic protection and chakra balancing (aromatic, topical, vibrational)
  4. Rest and relaxation (aromatic and topical)
  5. Sleep enhancement (aromatic and topical) *I have included a free workshop on this topic, at the end of this course. 
  6. Mood management (aromatic and topical)
  7. Space clearing and energetic protection (aromatic, topical, vibrational)
  8. Personal, spiritual and psychic development (aromatic)
  9. Chemical free cleaning options, healthy air, candles and skincare products (aromatic and topical)
  10. Fitness and muscle soreness (aromatic and topical)
  11. Yoga and Meditation (aromatic and topical)
  12. Occasional tummy upset (topical)
  13. Seasonal immune support and respiratory health (aromatic and topical)
  14. Manifestation (aromatic)
  15. Synergistic Use, with Healing Crystals and Herbs (topical)
  16. Cellular Support (aromatic and topical)

(Important Note: Please do not take any essential oils internally, unless you are under the direction and care of a Licensed Medical Professional

or Clinical Aromatherapist, who knows your complete medical history.

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