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Spiritual Awakening, to Revolution – The Journey Back Home

Dr. Aly, PhD. is a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Humanistic Science, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spiritual Business Mentor and Intuitive Guide, Certified Holistic Healer in Multiple Healing Modalities, Online Course Author, Leader, and Founder of Team Blossoms United and Life Code Aromatherapy™ A passionate Advocate of Education, Self-Empowerment Holistic Self-Care.

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What people are saying about my free coaching workshop,

“Self-Healing While You SLEEP”!

Aly goes above beyond to connect Self-healing tools to each individual and their needs. Her spirit is absolutely beautiful and shines through with her knowledge and passion for educating and serving others in their own journey. I highly recommend connecting with her as you will benefit tremendously as you move forward in discovery your beautiful Self – I certainly have! Jackie C.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

An awesome interactive course that was informative, fun, and even felt personalized as questions were all quickly answered. Learning more about the effects of both the crystals and oils for bedtime and how to use them at night has really changed how I sleep and I’ll never go back to the old ways again. Thank you, Aly, for all you’ve done to put a course together that has provided amazing value to my life.

Aralynn S.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

I just love everything about Dr Aly! Her information is beautifully presented, she is friendly, approachable, and fun. I’m taking the Vibrational Healing Class now, at my own pace and the way the information is presented is very easy to absorb and is broken down into bite sized chunks to make things manageable. I love that she offers free workshops packed with information I can run right home and use! I’ve already begun preparing items for my mini’s use. Fingers crossed for a workshop on angsty teens!!

Dani L.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

This was such a great workshop! I have only just joined doTerra and there is so much information out there that isn’t always easy to follow but and I found your workshop so informative and so much fun. I also loved how you showed how to use crystals and I will definitely be looking out for another one of your courses. Thank, it’s been a pleasure!

Tracy C.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

This workshop was great! While I haven’t been using essential oils for very long the information Aly gave us was super easy to understand. I also love how she incorporated other holistic healing methods (crystals, tarot cards) into the workshop as well. She gave a bunch of awesome information and tips, and I even learned some stuff that I have been overlooking for a while with crystals that I didn’t realize! It has really helped me understand essential oils and sleep much better and I am implementing some new exercises that Aly gave us into my nightly “before bed” ritual!! Much love, blessings, and thanks to Aly Kimber M.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

I’ve been curious about crystals and energy healing for some time now, so when I found this opportunity, I jumped on it! I’m sure glad I did! Thank you so much, Dr. Aly, for showing me that using these amazing tools doesn’t have to be complicated and that it’s okay to trust my own intuition! I sincerely appreciate the time you took to connect with me and help answer my questions. You’re a doll and I can’t wait to learn even more! Christine N.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

My grandfather faceted gems and I was always drawn to his tray of finished stones (sparklies). I’ve been with doTerra since 2012. This course seemed only natural as the next step in my journey, combining my love of “sparklies” and essential oils. I was NOT disappointed!! My only regret??!! Not finding/joining Dr. Aly from the beginning. Her knowledge, and the support provided to her team….AMAZING!! If doTerra is a path you decide to take….you would not regret it. Dr. Aly…thank you for your enthusiasm! It’s contagious…rock on Sista!!

Teresa L.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student

This course was incredible! I believe that whether you’re an oil/crystal newbie, or a seasoned user, you will find tremendous value in the content! The visual slides were excellent references & I’m so grateful for this information. You make self-healing so accessible! Thank you, Aly! Alisha A.

Self-Healing While You Sleep! - Workshop Student